Top 10 Rain Jackets Under $50

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After walking boots, waterproof jackets are one of the essential kits you'll ever invest in, so it pays to make sure you purchase something that's going to do the job. But it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Below, we have tested and rounded up the Top 10 rain Jackets under $50 for your ease.

However, what makes a robust waterproof rain jacket? It needs to maintain the elements outside, of course. Still, it also has to provide excellent insulation, come with a comfortable and easy-to-use hood, have a collar that covers your arms, beautiful cuffs, a hem that can blend in well, several pockets that are perfect for snacks and maps, zips that stand up to the weather and preferably look good and fit well. Many worth finding out here ...

A perfect waterproof raincoat is not only useful in the fall and winter – this is ultra-useful all year round if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather. Then some jackets are built to keep you dry without offering insulation in our top 10 rain jackets under $50, so they're perfect for handling the summer showers.

We've concentrated on safe and packable professional jackets and coats in this guide that are lightweight yet breathable, weather-resistant, and have a lighter pack load for the vast majority. That means you can place them between showers in your bag, which will make your walks and hikes even more pleasurable. You can whip out your waterproof as soon as rain falls, and add an instant security sheet.

​Top 10 Rain Jackets Under $50

1. Women's Switchback Iii Adjustable Waterproof Rain Jacket

This Columbia Girl's Switchback Rain Jacket, a simple takedown from the Women's waterproof jacket, provides flexible protection against harsh weather at a high price. Much like the one in Mountain Warehouse, it features a packable hood that more often comes in handy than ever. This version also has built-in back ventilation – what a great surprise – you're not going to hear your child moaning about being wet!

With this bright, waterproof jacket, it's easy to encourage your kid to splash in the puddles. Not only will it keep your girl dry, but it will also provide additional protection thanks to the reflective detail. Perhaps this jacket is a lifesaver for young adventurers for whom rain and wind are no obstacle.

  • 2. Paradox Men's Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket
  • For the men's coats, the first is by Paradox, a combination of 80% Nylon and 20% Polyester. It is a weatherproof, waterproof, and even breathable jacket that comes with such a UPF of 50, ensuring your body is protected from UV rays when outdoors.

    Across the left side of the chest, there are two side pockets for the neck and a zippered pocket. The collar is hooded, and a storm placket covers the main zipper, which provides perfect protection against the weather. This comes in a minimalist style, and you can choose from 3 colors: Heather blue, Cobalt blue, and White.

  • 3. Charles River Apparel women's New Englander Wind & Waterproof Rain Jacket
  • Thousands of reviews affirm the job done by this raincoat: it maintains you dry. But there are hundreds of complexities to make it excellent. "It is light with a light mesh lining, and not a winter-warm lining kind.

    The length doesn't reach mid-thigh entirely; it is more upper-thigh. The hood tends to have a slightly protruding lip at the front to hold the hood in place and rain off your neck, "notes one reviewer who considers this the most" adult "raincoat. She also believes it would last a long time, a hunch confirmed in 2015 by another reviewer who purchased this raincoat.

    "I've been searching for a great rain jacket for probably four years, and it's the best I've ever found." She came back this July 2019 to remind us that her raincoat is "still going strong." She still enjoys the jacket and decides to buy another one because she wanted "a change of pace for colors." Even with the color switch, she describes the coat as "perfect, dry, breathable, not too heavy, a perfect one.

    4. Gioberti Men's Waterproof Rain Jacket

    Gioberti is proud to introduce the raincoat that will do the right job in the list of Top 10 rain Jackets under $50. A 100 % polyester raincoat that is both durable and waterproof so that you can enjoy your outdoor activity in total comfort. Built with technology that absorbs moisture when in contact with a fully tapped inner lining to ensure that no water ever flows into it. Featuring a front zipper velcro cover, hooded hat, pull string lock on hood and hemline, velcro locking cuffs, and two side zippers with overlapping flaps.

    This ground-breaking rain jacket is convenient to carry and easy to store. Suitable for all your requirements for travel, sports, and leisure activities: holidays, sightseeing, camping, cycling, fishing, biking, sports games, beach, and much more.

    5. Columbia Women's Switchback Iii Adjustable Waterproof Rain Jacket 

    This lightweight, waterproof rain jacket, which is essential for every day, packs versatile safety in a variety of stylish colors. And what is more, you can maintain this trusty raincoat ready for any downpour surprise by cramming it into your pocket. A rain jacket is so lightweight and flexible that it works just as smoothly as a standard windbreaker. Includes customizable hem and cuffs, full front zip, two-handed pockets, and reflective accents to keep you safe and dry.

    Offered in a range of sizes and colors. Available Extended Length. Fit periodically. Using our sizing chart and the following measuring guidelines to ensure that the size you select is correct: Start at the middle of your neck and measured across the shoulder and down to the cuff for the sleeves. When a partial number pops up, round this to the next even number, on the shoulders, measure under the armpits and over the shoulder blades at the fullest part of the body, keeping the tape measure firm and straight.

    ​6. Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket

    Columbia Watertight II raincoat is a ubiquitous item of material for people, suitable for different outdoor activities and urban environment. It is fully waterproof, weatherproof, seam-sealed, and hard to match size. The jacket comes in 16 various colors and is available in several different formats.

    Columbia men's watertight main zip hooded rain jacket is a prevalent lightweight piece of equipment, with a nanoporous nylon outer shell and a rather comfortable polyester inner mesh. In terms of weight, reliability, and packability, this is a very midrange jacket. Considering the price and all the characteristics taken together, however, this jacket is, in my opinion, without a match.

    The jacket is entirely seam-sealed, appropriate for hiking and general concepts use, not for cold weather in particular as it is not a specific form. Even in winter conditions, a piece of fleece combined with it can serve the purpose.

    For several years now, I have been using my waterproof jackets in this way. It's a must-have waterproof, durable jacket in rainy Belgium, and the same holds for my Alps hiking. I never go without waterproof pants and a coat of the same type.

    7. Boys' Glennaker Rain Jacket, Waterproof & Breathable

    Columbia waterproof material is some of the finest you can find, protecting against drizzle and downpour and harmful elements while staying breathable and stylish. This Glennaker rain jacket from Columbia youth boys is the ideal version for your little rainy day wardrobe. This rain jacket, made from 100 percent nylon fiber, keeps its promise of waterproof protection. The reflective details are stylish, but much-needed, Perk works with visibility to protect your little one. What is more critical than being worry-free and feeling healthy when playing out? Columbia chest logo contrasting front zip and signature Add the extra I 'm-ready-to-play-but-still-serious dimension to this versatile staple.

    The two zippered side pockets offer a sense of added protection, while the hood serves as another defensive feature. Dates of play on the rainy-day have never been so enjoyable. Columbia youth rain jacket comes in a variety of sizes to suit the growing boy. The rain jacket from the glennaker comes in many fun colors, too. Using our sizing chart and the following measuring guidelines to ensure that the size you select for your little one is correct: for the sleeves, begin at the center of your neck and measure across your shoulder and down to your wrist when a partial number pops up, round it to the next even number. The ledges measure under the armpits and over the shoulder blades at the fullest part of the body, keeping the tape measure firm and straight.

    8. Columbia Women's Arcadia Ii Waterproof Breathable Jacket With Packable Hood

    Arcadia II is a lightweight rain jacket that can be worn out on the road or a rainy day for running errands. 

    This is designed to withstand the environment and is also significantly lightweight. When the conditions are mild and pour outside, it can be worn on its own and used as a waterproof layer over a raincoat, which adds warmth while Arcadia II stays you dry.

    ​This jacket's style is very minimalist, with only a few small logos that don't impact the look. It can be worn both for outdoor activities and for casual daily wear. This style is slightly longer than a traditional jacket because it has the back fully covered. It is a two-part jacket, the upper protective shell, and the breathable interior lining.

    The upper material, made of Omni-Tech fabric technology, is 100 percent Nylon. It is a fabric of 3 layers, the outer shell covered with Omni-Shield, water, and stain-resistant coating.

    ​9. Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Packable Rain Jacket

    Thanks to its classic outdoor style and its simple to pack shape and storable hood, the Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket is an everyday favorite. This is a lightweight jacket ready for any unexpected rainstorm. It is a thin coat designed to protect you from wind and wet weather conditions. This is a perfect windbreaker and raincoat all-around.

    Made of our 100 percent waterproof Hyrdroplus nylon, this rain jacket holds its promise of protection. It has a convenient stow-away hood that stays out of the way when you don't want it, while two zippered side pockets offer a measure of safety, and adjustable handcuffs and drawcord extendable hem work to keep the rain out. Excursions on a rainy day have never been so effortless.

    This rain jacket comes in various styles and colors. Suitable for extended sizing. Fit periodically. Using our sizing chart and the following measuring guidelines to ensure that the size you select is correct: Start at the middle of your neck and measure across the shoulder and down to the cuff for the sleeves when a partial number pops up, round this to the next even number. On the ledges, measure under the armpits and then over the shoulder blades at the fullest part of the body, keeping the tape measure firm and straight.

    ​10. Baleaf Unisex Waterproof Rain Jacket

    The rain jacket that we are showcasing now comes across several sizes in numerous color choices. It uses material from nylon, which makes it highly durable. Water won't get inside with the help of elastic closure. By itself, the content is entirely waterproof. This rain jacket with hood is easy to use even in peak monsoon season with the help of an adjustable drawstring.

    For adequate storage, it consists of 2 zippered side pockets and one back pocket. You won't be disappointed with this jacket, with the aid of an excellent storage solution and the ability to hold water at bay.



    During warm weather, rain also occurs, and when it arrives, it brings a dense layer of humidity. If this happens, you must wear a jacket that will keep you both cool and dry at the same time.

    Proper ventilation and weatherproofing are a tough balance to strike, but new technologies have emerged in recent years to help with this issue. Most jackets do this by different means, be it ventilation ports in the armpits, Gore-Tex covering, or other semi-permeable membrane types.

    When the distance from your hikes increases, it becomes more essential to take into account ventilation. If you're reasonably new to the hiking world and there aren't longer distances in your arsenal yet, dropping extra cash on a high-tech ventilation jacket may not make sense. But if you walk regularly or for long stretches at a time, particularly in humid climates, make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the jacket you choose so you don't overheat when walking in the rain.

    And if you're living in a colder climate that tends to get wet for a lot of the year (think Washington State), you might consider investing in a thicker, warmer rain jacket to maintain your body temperature even when the ambient temperature drops down.


    Who might argue against that? Pockets are usually convenient. Once you're on a long walk, their handiness is even more evident because you have a toolkit of resources that you need to navigate easily. You may not be a type of guy in the cargo shorts, even if you're in the middle of nowhere with no one to impress. In that case, there would be plenty of storage room for everything you wear on top to keep all your stuff handy and dry, even when hiking through a storm.

    Waterproof cheap Rain jackets are a great way to have enough storage space right at your disposal, so you don't need to take off your hiking backpack if you need your compass or pocket knife. Additionally, interior pockets are a significant advantage, primarily due to their usually large sizes and the ability to secure and protect your belongings. Please look at how many pockets a jacket has before purchasing it, or you can end up spending more on a jacket with fewer pockets than one, which is just as high with more storage capacity.


    It forms of piggybacks off ventilation, as pressure affects both that and just general comfort. Weight added doesn't necessarily affect your jacket's airflow, but it can be a factor in deciding how breathable your coat would be.

    Most often than not, an overly heavy jacket can feel less breathable and bulkier, of course. Heavy coats are a very niche purchase, as they are usually only needed in environments that rain a lot and stay reasonably calm.

    Before you go out for a walk, always be sure to consider the total weight of your pack and how much extra weight you can bear before choosing which rain jacket to buy. Always bear in mind how far you want to hike, because if you are not cautious, extra weight combined with long distances will make for a miserable hike.


    As we're talking about the top 10 rain jackets under $50, so you don't have to overthink a rain jacket's cost compared to purchasing other hiking accessories. Cheap Rain Jackets can only be so distinct from each other, but that is not to imply that some jackets aren't more functional than others. Brand awareness has a lot to do with jacket costs, like Patagonia, Columbia, and The North Face are associated with wearing outdoor jackets.

    Yet as the old joke goes, you get what you're paying for. With so many hikers, there is a reason some of these businesses are household names. Remember not to veer too far away from the traditional labels to save those extra bucks, but also don't feel like you need to spend the extra cash if you have options open. Often read checked customer reviews but take with a grain of salt that you read as everybody is searching for their perfect stuff.


    Today, many cheap rain jackets may feature a strap or cord mechanism that enables you to tighten or loosen the jacket to your taste. Such arrangements usually center around the jacket's collar, wrists, and waist (otherwise known as the "hem") parts.

    Nonetheless, some trendier and more costly jackets will also have these technical terms on other areas of the coat, such as the arms, back, and torso. These straps are essential to examine because they improve the fit and contour of your jacket to your body and the captured heat and block water. It is advantageous to prevent leakage within the jacket because membrane overlapping can cause some irritating condensation to occur.

    Therefore, these adjustment mechanisms are critical for high wind conditions where being aerodynamic may well mean life or death. Many jackets today incorporate plastic clamping structures with elastic pull-cords, which are lightweight and non-intrusive. It is advisable always to buy a jacket with some adjustment mechanisms, but try not to over-spend on styles that go beyond what you need.


    It is where shopping rain jacket can get a little mixed up because there are a variety of various shell styles and materials. You can consider three methods of shells from a top-down look: hardshell, softshell, and hybrid.

    The types of shells are relatively simple, but once you get into each of the various styles, things begin to get a little complicated. A hard shell provides the most magnificent rain and wind protection, but has less breathability and is almost always heavier. Their added weight also stems from their construction, which is usually multi-layered.

    Softshells are durable and offer enough protection from the elements, but not nearly as hard shells. That is because they're made almost always from a single sheet.

    ​Hybrids are a little wonky, as the number of layers they have will vary from only one to many. Still, they typically have a rough exterior layer coupled with a softer interior. Shells may consist of several fabrics and materials, such as nylon or polyester, that are usually combined with laminate or coating to provide higher water resistance, wind resistance, and ventilation.

    Before deciding which shell style is right for you, make sure to do your homework, as this will make a significant difference on your next rainy walk.


    Finally, you decided which waterproof jacket to buy and how to take care of it properly? We have tips for you. In addition to ensuring that it is still clean and new after every use, investing in skilled cleaning supplies is clever. They will allow you to keep the jacket water-resistant for years to come. You can also place your Gore-Tex rain jacket for half an hour or so in the tumble dryer at low temperature. Over the long run, this will revamp the capacity of your coat to repel water.

    This trick needs to be followed by items specifically designed to extend the life of your jacket. It's wise to be mindful of the instructions for your jacket because high-quality waterproof jackets are not generally compatible with over-the-counter detergents.

     If you already have a waterproof jacket or have just purchased one, please leave a message in the comment section below and share your experience.
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