Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Raincoat Review

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Quick Overview


  • Durable, and waterproof
  • Attractive
  • Adjustable, and comfortable


  • Pricey
  • Tight around the waist
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Each season requires a different set of clothes, as you can’t wear lightweight clothing during the winter, and bulky items during the summer. Still, there are certain things which are suitable for almost any season. Among these, are jackets and raincoats. Why? — because you never know when the rain is going to fall. Our review of Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Raincoat reveals it is a solid choice.

While the autumn season tends to have the highest chance of rainfall, in some areas, it rains throughout the year including the hot months of July and August. Now, there are a number of points you should consider when buying a raincoat, such as the material that it is made of as well as its price point.

Lucky for you, there are hundreds of different models offered in retail stores and on the online market, so finding one that’s adequate shouldn’t be a problem. Overall, we see the Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Raincoat as a superb product, and while it does stand at a higher price, its quality makes it a smart investment.


Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Raincoat

A raincoat is not something you should skimp on as a good one will last you for more than a few years. On the other hand, it is a clothing item that can be worn year round, making it a great choice if you are all about getting the best value for your money.

Instead of buying a number of jackets, one like this Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Raincoat will cover most of your needs. While it may not be the best choice to wear to a formal event, it still features an attractive sporty design. Meaning that you will be fine for any regular or casual occasion.

Coming in an array of different colors, including pink, geyser, white, stormy blue, and the classic black, there is a color for everyone. Great for both kids and adults, this product is the way to go when it comes to rain protection.

Who is this product for?

Well, it is no secret that this product is a bit more expensive than your average raincoat. Still, looking at the material and a number of handy features it comes with, any woman interested in a proper waterproof jacket is going to like it.

Also, it is lightweight and easy to pack, so it is great for all of your camping and hiking enthusiasts as well. To be honest, it is something that any weather-conscious woman should have in her wardrobe.

What’s included?

Other than the raincoat itself, there are no accessories or a carrier bag that you can put it in. Still, this raincoat is lightweight and portable, so storing it shouldn’t be a problem.

Overview of features

If you were to ask anyone who is into jackets about the Columbia brand they would tell you it is a trusted and high-quality option. That is absolutely true, and although the price is somewhat higher, you can expect to get quite a few year’s use out of it, given the high-density polyester it is made of.

It is a windbreaker jacket that will protect you from the harsh weather conditions that you may encounter on a hiking or camping trip.

A raincoat like this is a great choice for unpredictable weather. The highlights of this product are the drawstring hem, adjustable hood, and zippered side pockets that allow the much-needed convenience and protection for both you and your valuables.

Much like any other product, it does have a few cons with the major one being that it seems tight and small around the waist and hips, so you may need to buy one size bigger than expected. Other than that, it is a great investment for anyone who enjoys a comfortable and stylish raincoat.

How to use it

Put it on and enjoy the great rain protection, it is as simple as that! It has a proper zipper closure which is also featured on the side pockets. The storm hood has a great fit, and doesn’t feel restricting around your head while protecting you from the elements.



The North Face Venture 2 Jacket

Made out of polyester and featuring a great waterproof and tear-resistant design, this raincoat for women is a good choice.

Very similar to the aforementioned product, it comes with a proper satisfaction guarantee as well that you can ask for in case of any material defects. Overall, it is a great jacket for someone who lives in a rainy area.


A clothing item like a raincoat is something you definitely need, especially if you are not a huge fan of your clothes and hair getting damp and wet. Looking at the features, there is no doubt that the Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Raincoat is a product in which you can trust.


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